Compete In Paradise


2018 competitive the schedule.


Friday, February 16, 2018


Levels 1-4


Levels 1 & 2 will start 8:00 am opening stretch.



Saturday, February 17,2018


Levels 5-10


Level 6 will start at 8:00 am opening stretch.



Treasure hunt & parent party

Happy hour for parents start at

7:00 PM Hampton inn

8:00 PM preparation for treasure hunt. The children will need a warm jacket and a flashlight the treasure hunt will be on the beach. We are putting out 200 small wooden treasure chests that have a value of $5.00. And five glass balls that are painted from famous artist throughout the United States with a value of $75.00 We are putting out over $1300 worth of gifts for the kids to hunt for. This is only for kids that participate in the meet.


Sunday, February 18,2018


All Level XL


XL Silver will start at 8:00 am opening stretch.









Schedule has been updated! Please review!

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